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1" threaded Tioga Beartrap-2 headset CHROME

1" threaded Tioga Beartrap-2 headset CHROME

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Tioga's Beartrap-2 headset will fit all regular sized old-school BMX bikes. (Not Mini's)  

  • Threaded 1" style. 
  • Chrome plated. 
  • Japanese made.
  • 26.4mm crown race size
  • Features super-smooth operation with 15 ball bearings in each cup. 
  • "Beartrap" locking washer keeps it all in place
  • Tioga's Beartrap-2 headset will add great looks to your old-school BMX bike!

FUN FACTS ABOUT 26.4mm HEADSET CROWN RACE SIZE: The industry refers to this "old-school" BMX size crown race as a "26.4mm". Sizing on our old BMX bikes from the 70's and 80's did vary by a small amount. So, if you are measuring the crown on your old threaded fork, you'll see sizes that hover around 26.4mm- perhaps even 26.35mm to 26.6mm. The crown races that come with these headsets, although stated by the manufacturer that they are 26.4mm, are actually closer to 26.33mm. Crown races are not meant to be a loose fit. You'll have to apply grease on it while installing, and you'll have to use force to get it to sit correctly on a forks crown. This is completely normal. 

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