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Odyssey Wombolt 2pc Crank RHD 175mm

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The Odyssey Wombolt BMX Cranks are one of the most technically advanced crank designs on the market. With the 1 piece drive side crank arm and spindle design for added strength and rigidity, you can trust them to stand up to anything you want to throw yourself into.

Due to continued advancements in the legendary 41-Thermal® processing and heat-treatment system, fatigue life has been increased by a massive margin, whilst still maintaining a low weight.

  • Updated mating arm lug for improved fit and increased durability.
  • New wedge cluster band with greater flexibility
  • Never-Wobble™ crank arm and spindle interface guarantee
  • 41-Thermal® lifetime replacement warranty against bending, cracking and breaking
  • Metallic brown with black logo’s
  • 9/16” pedal threads
  • Requires sprocket with 15 – 16 inch (23.8mm) spindle bore hole (not included)
  • Requires bottom bracket bearing set of 22mm diameter (not included)
  • Weight: 750 grams approx


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