Devin "Father Pig" Crathern

photo by @rideabike

Sean Rowan

Photo: Matt Deppe 

photo by @yungfisheye

Blair Rouselle

photo by @rideabike

Evan Bellamy 

Skooty McBooty

SkootyName: Cosmeeto Preseily
Age: 72.5
Location: Toad Suck, Arkansas
Fav Spot/City: spot; the one on my back (it’s getting bigger), city; Pyongyang, North Korea baby
Frame: Hyper Wizard
Fav Skatepark: Iqaluit Rec Centre
Fav Pro Rider: Bert Angles
Fav Band: Death Grips
Fav food: Moist vegan cheese bites
Fav video part: BMX edit 2015 (summer) | Josh Tapscott
Cats or dogs: cogs
Fav person to ride with: I don’t go outside
Shoutouts: jiffy pops, hot moms, carbon monoxide detectors


Devon Plooard

Johnny Cabardo

Name: Johnny Cabardo
Age: 17 (2003)
Location: Cambridge Ontario
Frame: Lewis mills frame
Fav Park: Ashbridges Bay
Fav Rider: Ethan Corriere
Fav Band: Metallica
Fav Food: Tacos
Fav Video Part: Stevie Churchill Oss 2014
Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Fav person to ride with: Anthony Reid

Any Shoutouts?
The boys Pascal, Josh, Anthony and Phil

What Year Did You Start Riding? 2018 but started actually doing tricks summer of 2019



Ruthless Aussie 


Travis Stone

 Dave Advent 


Stefan Sojecki