Devin "Father Pig" Crathern

photo by @rideabike

Sean Rowan

Photo: Matt Deppe 

photo by @yungfisheye

Blair Rouselle

photo by @rideabike

Evan Bellamy 

Skooty McBooty

SkootyName: Cosmeeto Preseily
Age: 72.5
Location: Toad Suck, Arkansas
Fav Spot/City: spot; the one on my back (it’s getting bigger), city; Pyongyang, North Korea baby
Frame: Hyper Wizard
Fav Skatepark: Iqaluit Rec Centre
Fav Pro Rider: Bert Angles
Fav Band: Death Grips
Fav food: Moist vegan cheese bites
Fav video part: BMX edit 2015 (summer) | Josh Tapscott
Cats or dogs: cogs
Fav person to ride with: I don’t go outside
Shoutouts: jiffy pops, hot moms, carbon monoxide detectors


Devon Plooard

Johnny Cabardo

Name: Johnny Cabardo
Age: 17 (2003)
Location: Cambridge Ontario
Frame: Lewis mills frame
Fav Park: Ashbridges Bay
Fav Rider: Ethan Corriere
Fav Band: Metallica
Fav Food: Tacos
Fav Video Part: Stevie Churchill Oss 2014
Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Fav person to ride with: Anthony Reid

Any Shoutouts?
The boys Pascal, Josh, Anthony and Phil

What Year Did You Start Riding? 2018 but started actually doing tricks summer of 2019


Brad Featherstone

photo by @ weedbnx

Ruthless Aussie 


Travis Stone

 Dave Advent 


Stefan Sojecki