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Cinema Sticker Set / 37 Piece

Cinema Sticker Set / 37 Piece

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Your life could be way more fulfilled if you were to purchase these 37 Cinema stickers, here's 37 places you could possibly stick them:

-Your car

-Your frame

-Your helmet

-Your window

-Your mirror

-Your pencil case

-Your lunch box

-Your tool box

-Your sideburn (although this would be painful when removing)

-Can't grow a moustache? A sticker is a great substitute...

-Your forks

-Your bars

-Your rims

-Your cranks

-Your seat post

-Your nearest lampost

-The local skatepark

-Above your TV, then you could pretend it's a Cinema

Damn it, I can only think of x18 places...  Just stick x2 stickers in all the above spots, then put one on the back of your phone...Perfect!



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