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Diacompe 990 Rear Brake

Diacompe 990 Rear Brake

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Dia-Compe BMX U-brake

  • Model: AD-990 as assembled for rear use. Or, install the included conversion kit and FS-990 decal to use it for front.
  • A full set with caliper, pads, bridge cable, hanger and mounting hardware for either front or rear use (even down to a FS-990 sticker).
  • Brake pads: Dia-Compe SALMON OPC-12 pads (aggressive ferrous oxide pad similar to the Mathauser compound)
  • NOTE: No instructions are included with this item and no technical assistance is available. If you are unfamiliar with setting up 990 brakes, it is recommended you have them installed by a professional bicycle mechanic. Not all parts will be used - hardware for mounting either front or rear is included.


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