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Eclat Elevate Guard Sprocket 25t/28t

Eclat Elevate Guard Sprocket 25t/28t

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The Elevate Guard Sprocket is our new “team designed” solid sprocket, which uses the same VIPER Nylon Fiberglass bash guard and a patented interface that made our AK guard such a successful and game-changing product. For riders preferring the look of a solid sprocket but with the advantages of the Nylon guard, the Elevate is available in both 25t and 28t options.

One of the major design elements that have made this guard such a trustworthy and robust product, is the way that the Nylon guard is attached to the sprocket. Instead of sitting on the surface of the alloy sprocket, the Nylon guard is sunken INTO the structure of the sprocket and supported all the way around so that the bolt holes on the guard do not take all the impact.

The high-impact, low-friction material of the guard allows you to grind and slide on the sprocket in ways that a standard alloy guard wouldn’t let you – this also opens up the possibility of a whole new world of grind combinations.


6061-T6 alloy, full cnc sprocket and nylon/fibreglass replaceable guard

25t or 28t

8mm thick sprocket, 10mm thick guard



sunk adapter for better chain alignment/runs on 24, 22 and 19mm spindle / super durable, replaceable nylon/ fiberglass guard allows for friction-free grinding / compatible with Eclat Maverick crank

25t: 150g (5.29oz)

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